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FAIR, Inc Mission Statement

FAIR seeks to serve home school families by providing an environment for giving and receiving of educational, moral, spiritual, and individual support in a group setting. FAIR also seeks to foster academic excellence in various forms while nurturing the growth of moral character and integrity. FAIR is founded by followers of Christ who wish to perpetually preserve the right to maintain Christian habits and behaviors which includes, but is not limited to, welcoming members of all faiths.

FAIR Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates in FAIR is expected to be caring, loving, sharing and generous. Our Code of Conduct can best described as TOBEY.

    T = Treat other with respect.
    O = Offer a helping hand.
    B = Be responsible.
    E = Expect excellence.
    Y = Yearn to learn.

Behavior Standards

Dress code – Everyone is expected to dress appropriately at all FAIR events. The following are not permitted regardless of age or gender: short shorts and skirts, low necklines, profane or sexual images or messages, exposed midsections, exposed undergarments.

Behavior – The behavior of all individuals should be respectful at all times. No running or yelling is permitted at any time. Public displays of affection are discouraged. Adults should observe the rule of three when dealing with children.

Personal electronic devices such as cell phones, ipads, kindels, game devices, etc should never be used in class without a teacher’s permission.

Weapons – Weapons of any kind are not permitted.

To learn more about joining FAIR, please contact us.


Please send us a note if you have any questions. We'll get back to you as quick as we can.


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